Microsoft Excel can now do your job for you – yes, really

Microsoft Excel just got an update that could streamline your workday by allowing you to automate repetitive tasks, without the need for VBA Macros. Office Scripts are a new way for users to record their actions inside an Excel workbook (such as converting a freshly imported spreadsheet into a presentation for daily meetings) and save it as a script to be used later or shared with others.

This anticipated feature for the spreadsheet software has now entered general availability for anyone with a commercial or education version of Microsoft 365, after being announced back in November 2019. You can find the Office Scripts feature in the Automate tab on the upper taskbar/ribbon.

On its blog overview for the new update, Microsoft states “as an example, say you start your workday by opening a .csv file from an accounting site in Excel. You then spend several minutes deleting unnecessary columns, formatting a table, adding formulas, and creating a PivotTable in a new worksheet. Those actions you repeat daily can be recorded once with the Action Recorder.

From then on, running the script will take care of your entire .csv conversion. You’ll not only remove the risk of forgetting steps, but be able to share your process with others without having to teach them anything.”

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