Jasmine Hartin reportedly arrested after confrontation with common-law husband

Jasmine Hartin — the troubled socialite charged with shooting dead a top cop in Belize — has been arrested again after filming herself fighting with her common-law husband, who is the son of a British billionaire, according to reports and video.

“I’ve done nothing wrong!” the 32-year-old socialite insisted as reporters watched her being booked into a precinct Thursday, where she’d been checking in as part of her $15,000 bail conditions, according to footage shared by the Sun.

“I’m being detained for an unknown reason,” she said, as her mother, Candice Castiglione, also ranted about how the arrest was “bogus.”

“I have no idea why I’m being held … Don’t I have a right to know what the charge is for?” the Canadian socialite asked, as the officer mostly ignored her and filled out paperwork.

An officer then told her she was being detained for “common assault,” the Daily Mail said, refusing to elaborate to reporters at the scene.

Officer Henry Jemmott
Jasmine Hartin said she accidentally shot and killed police officer Henry Jemmott.

Despite her pleas of ignorance, Hartin had already told a Mail reporter that she’d been warned that her bail would be revoked for the confrontation she filmed herself having Tuesday with her common-law husband, Andrew Ashcroft, the 43-year-old son of billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft.

In that clip, she angrily accused him of refusing to let her see her kids — 4-year-old twins Charlie and Elle — after she was charged with shooting dead their mutual friend, police Superintendent Henry Jemmott.

It was not immediately clear if Hartin was facing new charges or had merely had her bail revoked, the Mail noted.

Jasmine Hartin was told that she is being being detained for "common assault."
Jasmine Hartin was told she is being being detained for “common assault.”

Either way, she will likely be returned to Hattieville prison, the sole correctional facility in the small Central American nation, the Mail said.

As she was booked in, Hartin told reporters of Tuesday’s confrontation, “All I did was try to collect my personal belongings and see my children.

“I have obeyed every single court order. I’ve obeyed my curfew, I’ve been here every single day to check in — I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong here,” she said.

Her mother also said, “I was there! She did nothing at all.”

The fresh arrest also came soon after she gave her first interview about accidentally killing Jemmott, in which she said she accidentally shot him dead while he tried to teach her to fire a gun after she told him she’d recently been almost raped at a party.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Henry, he was my friend, he was a protector,” Hartin told reporters while being booked Thursday.

Jasmine Hartin's common-law husband is Andrew Ashcroft, son of billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft.
Jasmine Hartin’s common-law husband is Andrew Ashcroft, son of billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft.

“And I have to live with the fact that I had this horrible accident. I miss him. I feel for his family and his children,” she said, claiming that the Ashcroft family had “instructed” her not to say that before.

“We were friends for three years. And he was a good man,” she said, her last words before other officers came and took her away.

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